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Sometimes there's Ramen..

February 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I'll never forget the night I decided to venture downtown to a little hole in the wall venue. It was dark, the floors creaked when you walked, the old bar was weathered from old water stains, and the stage could tell many stories I'm sure. It was a cold week night & I had got invited to see some old friends perform that evening, and to be honest I really didn't want to go, but I'm sure glad I did...

If you know me personally, you know I'm a huge music addict (for lack of better terms) and as I sit here this evening Waylon Jennings is playing softly in the background. I've found many memories reappear when you put an old Randy Travis, Conway Twitty, or Merle Haggard on the radio. Memories of riding around in the old rusty feed truck, or many heartbreaks along the way. Music is just something that speaks to me. It's these old legends that truly knew about the soul in a song, they put their hearts out there every time. 

It was on this particular evening I saw things in a new perspective as I sat there, and listened to the new songs my buddy had wrote.. I was blown away..This was real, this was heartbreak, this was the great memories & the sad all mixed into a beautiful melody. This is the same buddy who months prior, was living out of his jeep, and couch surfing from friends houses while writing and getting as many gigs as he could book. It seemed he booked every little gig he could, he just wanted to play. 

After their set was over that evening, we were all sitting around telling stories & catching up, and I witnessed something right there. One guy turned and said 'Hey man, you're getting really skinny", my buddies response  (after he giggled a little) "Ya, well sometimes all ya got is Ramen" meaning ramen noodles. It caught me off guard. Here is is putting himself out there on stage, writing those soulful, fill your heart, bring a tear, or bring up a fond memory kind of songs, and he's doing it for the passion of what he loves & believes in. That little line has inspired me more than he'll ever know. 

I guess we're all dreamers in our own ways, and I always seem to relate to musicians & ranchers. Every time I'm invited to go to a ranch or branding I have that nervous feeling in my gut. I put the pressure on myself to make sure an image captures the heart,tradition,and heritage and it's just not a photo.Songwriters & Ranchers are pouring their thoughts & feelings into the lyrics, and  trying to scrap by with what they have until they afford better equipment, more cattle, or more land. It's about making the best with what you have. We're all chasing these different dreams, and dealing with life in between, but there's those times that "Sometimes there's Ramen", and you just roll with the punches & keep putting yourself out there. Every .Single .Day. 

P.S. My singer/songwriter buddy is currently living in the city, and set to release his first album. I'm so proud & I'll be posting when it's availble for purchase. It's amazing! 

-Lainey xoxo



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