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This isn't the movies..

June 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It's been awhile since I've wrote on this subject but I had someone e-mail me and simply ask "Why don't your pictures look like the movies where there's cattle scattered everywhere?" The answer to this was pretty simple. This isn't the movies. My images aren't actors, they're not staged and are not photoshopped. This is their offices. When you do something for a living it becomes a skilled art.  Low stress handling is top priority. You want the mothers to be able to keep track of their calves, and to feel at ease. The gathering most of the time, is no faster than a walk. Slow and steady wins the race. Although I love John Wayne, Sam Elliott, Robert Duvall, and Clint Eastwood they were paid to put on a show. Consider these images just a little "behind the scenes action" The real guys ( who don't get paid near enough) spend hours in the saddle riding through their cattle checking and doctoring, because in the end the cattle weight at market value is their paycheck. I hope this helps explains why my images are a little different, and why the guys pictured don't look like a wild bunch swinging their ropes & running cattle across the country. This is the real deal. I know some photographers hire "models" to dress up in the gear they bought online, and to run cattle this way or that way because it makes a "pretty image" but that's not really my style. The guys I photograph take pride in their custom handmade gear they use on a daily basis, their horses that they put hours on everyday, their hats that cost more than a Prius, and the cattle crop they produce every year. Thank you all for continuing to follow along, and understand my passion for this lifestyle. - Lainey xoxo 


P.S. I'm going to try to become better at posting blogs a little more often <3 


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