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A day with Jeremiah Brinkley

July 13, 2014  •  3 Comments

A day spent with a man who has traveled over 30,000 miles on horseback to fulfill his dream of swimming in the ocean, Jeremiah Brinkley. 

These were questions that were submitted via Facebook, or here on the blog: 


1. What was your favorite or most memorable sunset?

J: " Yucca valley and it was about 70 degrees, I was sitting on Tom's front porch smoking my pipe and drinking coffee when the sun light rays shined down and hit the mountains, it was beautiful.. Have you ever seen rays like that?" 

2. What were your previous horses like? 

J: " I first got Lady J, and bred her to a tobiano stud and that's how I have Anna Marie. The other two in between just didn't work out, they were ornery ( he giggled) and I gave them  away to a forever friendly home. Anna Marie has been my favorite, and her and I have a special bond.

3. Do you have any regrets?

J: "NONE, except I should've done this sooner"

4. What have you learned about others? 

J: " That most people are good inside, and you have to look at it from a Christian point of view and decide that most people are good inside, and if not than it's just the sin" 

5. What do you think about in the evening?

J; What I've been blessed with that day, and just to thank the Lord for everything he did bless me with or what he wanted me to learn"

6: What all do you carry with you?

J: Sleeping bag, tent, Anna's brushes, water, one extra set of clothes, a little food, 2 knives and a sharpening stone"

7. What's the most difficult obstacle you and Anna have overcome?

J: "Quicksand, for sure quicksand.. We started in, and there was nothing I could do. It was covered in grass, but Anna pulled out perfectly. She's a smart horse., and also we've been lost in the woods before" 

8.Do you ever hit dead ends?

J: "yep ( he laughs) but I'm not on a time schedule so I just turn around if I do"

9. How do you pay for necessities? 

J: " I work odd jobs, I've landscaped, sheet rocked, pulled weeds, shoveled manure really anything anyone needs done, I'll do it" 

10. What advice would you give America's youth?

J: " Just to follow their dreams, and not give up. If you want something bad enough then there's no excuse"

11. What concerns you about America that you've seen?

J: "That we're getting further away from God, and they're making more laws than we can follow.. They're making more laws than we can keep up with" 


This interview was conducted over lunch, and when asked where he wanted to eat & that I would take him anywhere he chose "The Gateway Cafe" in Spokane, Mo and ordered a Chef Salad & coffee. Just the life of a simple man, a vision, the love of a horse, and riding on faith. Happy Trails Jeremiah until we meet again. You've inspired me more than you'll ever know. <3 




Virgil La Grande Edwards(non-registered)
I got to meet Jeremiah today we were able to find his horse skipper he got spoked and ran off glad I could help him get his horse back. He is a good man he is one of the last true cowboy left it was an honor to meet him. He is headed north on Hwy 18 and 412 in central Oklahoma.
j c dotson(non-registered)
I met Jeremiah in Muskogee Okla June 24 2017 visited with wish we could have talked longer
Yesterday I thought I was too late for you to ask Jeremiah a question. As I read it has already been answered!
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