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Dear Ladies of the NFR, I envy you.

December 08, 2017  •  2 Comments


"As we're running 90 mph across the pasture after a new baby calf, and here I sit trying to get a tag gun ready, and apply the perfect cat eye eyeliner..."



Dear Ladies that will be attending the NFR, 

I envy you. I envy the girls that were able to plan the perfect outfits for weeks. I envy the fact that you had every accessory, and every pair of boots that matched your outfits perfectly. You look adorable. Can you please tell me how you have your life all together?

A recent trip down Oklahoma's Hwy 69 reminded me that I need to get it together.As we're driving along in a one ton dually pickup headed to Texas I was reminded that

1) I need to invest in better bras

2) You should wake up earlier and apply makeup before you ever get in a pickup.


I guess I'm just lazy, and have always been on the "Throw & Go" method. Just throw in a few clothes, and pack the essentials. You can figure out the rest later. 

It seems after many years of this method, I would figure out it doesn't work.

Like the many times I've just thrown in my makeup bag thinking "I'll just put this on in the pickup" and next thing you know we're running 90 mph across the pasture sitting there trying to get a tagging gun ready, and apply the perfect cat eye eyeliner. Or the time when your brother in law calls and says "Load up, we're headed to a roping". Well, let me just tell you, have you ever tried to put on mascara with an ornery brother in law driving? Just as you are so excited you haven't put any bat shit all over your eyes, he slams on the brakes, looks at you and giggles, and suddenly you jammed that mascara wand into your eye making it look like you've turned into a raccoon that's been crying from watching too many hallmarks. 

Don't get me started on branding season. I look like the walking dead. How can a girl have it together at 4 a.m. to go saddle horses? Once again, I've said to myself the famous "I'll just put this on in the pickup" So here I sat, as we're driving down the gravel roads with a trailer full of horses. The ol' ranch pickup could use some new shocks, coffee flying out of coffee cups, sitting in the middle of old whataburger sacks,and the fact it's still dark really affects the perfect contour. I look like a clown that just ran away from the circus.

So this brings me to my conclusion that I learned from my grandma many years ago. "Throw on a little lipstick, and you feel like you have it all together." I've taken her up on this statement. 

My essentials have changed I guess you could say. I now just throw on my legging's & wild rag on those cold mornings, throw in a packet of hot hands, and a few colors of lipstick. 

So if you see me trotting across the pasture, or driving down Oklahoma roads looking like a raccoon, and lipstick on my teeth please be courteous and let me know. Grandma, I'm trying. I don't have it together.


Dear NFR girls, I envy you. 



You have no idea how much I needed this today! This is so me! It's a good day when I get my hair brushed before heading out the house and those days that I look the worse seem like the 1 day the whole month that I actually see someone!
Thank You! This really made my day!
I've had the great fortune of heading to Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas during the NFR twice so far in my life. (Hope to again next year). However, I missed the first trip because on the Tuesday before we were to fly out there my portly yellow lab Doc started retching as if to barf on my already crappy and stained carpet in an upper floor bedroom (before 6 am.) So I leaped out of bed, grabbed ahold of his collar, attempted to lead him down the stairs to the OUT doors or wood floor (so much easier to clean), but alas my feet and hands and his four feet tangled and I went Ass over tea kettle down the stairs. Upon landing I recognized I was in extreme pain and in fear of barfing myself. Yelled and screamed for sleeping 5 year old daughter and told her to run to the parlor(milking parlor/not grandma's living room) to find her dad or uncle Roger.
Upon arrival and after short exam in hospital it was discovered that I fractured/dislocated my elbow and the radius and ulna. Not a good day. I now have hardware, & know the value of insuring your trip.
Love the wranglers, the endless amount of shopping and the atmosphere with the NFR!
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