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When the fireflies dance among the fescue

June 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

  Good evening friends, 

It seems I've been able to catch my breath a little after these last few weeks of traveling, and now that spring works are winding down I've been able to enjoy being a home a little more. I sat down with my family this evening around our large kitchen table, and enjoyed a home cook meal. That's something you take for granite when you've been living out of a suitcase for a few weeks. My momma always made sure growing up that we sat at the table for supper, and participated in conversation about our day. As I've grown older and the hustle and bustle of life takes over I've always been thankful for that rule she made when I was little. 

After supper was all cleaned up I walked out to the barn tonight, and caught that hard to catch Blue Jay (My little niece named him). It seems a hard to catch horse can put a sour taste in your mouth right away, ha! But he is the ol' faithful, and I all I wanted to do was relax, and find a little inspiration to write. I've slacked off on writing, and I really enjoy it. 

Just as we pushed further into the back pasture, Blue Jay was walking along his merrily way with his ears perked up,  and then the noise in my head began to settle. The sun was disapearing  from the horizon, and left off this romantic glow through the tall fescue. The fireflies appeared out of nowhere, and began dancing among the tall grass. There were thousands, and thousands that lit up the pasture. The clouds looked like a paint brush had touched the sky, and the only noise that could be heard was hoof prints through the grass. 

I sat out there for a moment. Actually I sat out there for awhile. It was in that exact moment that I feel the needed to write. You see, I was headed back to the barn this evening, and in 2001 we lost the original barn to a fire. I lost every piece of handmade tack that my grandpa had past down to, I lost every trophy, and buckle my dad had won through the years, and many other items that just hold sentimental value. Non of our horses were injured, and it wouldn't be until a few years later when we would lose our house to a fire.

In 2013 the century old plantation home that my parents had worked so hard to rebuild through my child hood would be lost among the flames. We lost everything. So many of you already know that story, so I won't go into detail but it had me thinking tonight as I rode back.

We've rebuilt everything we've lost. Our lives have been spared, and our livestock has been taken care of by the grace of God. I guess when you lose everything, it kinda puts the world into perspective. 

My momma is still cancer free to this day, and while she still has an empty mass where they removed the brain tumor I've just been thankful I get to spend another day with her. God sure has answered our prayers. 

I recently got into the Salt Creek Gallery in Oklahoma, and while talking with the owner she wanted to know a little more about me. I became kinda shy, and I wasn't sure what I should say. "I'm just me" is what I think I said. I still wasn't sure what to say. As I reflect on this conversation sitting out in this big pasture I've thought to myself that every piece of my art work represents a little about who I am, what I represent, my heartbreaks, my laughter, and my journey. Although in that moment I couldn't find the words, It seems I've found a little more to my story as I sat there and watched those fireflies dance this evening. I'm not scared to tell my story anymore. It's molded me into the person I've become. It's made me trust in the Lord more than ever, to be thankful for every day, to help others, and learn to make due with what you have. 

There's no rules on how to be an artist, there doesn't seem to be right or wrong answer. I still haven't figured a fraction of it out, but as I have art work scattered across this globe, I'm so very thankful for each and every one of you that have hung my artwork in your home,  your sweet comments, and shares on Facebook.. You friends are my magical fireflies that have helped given me the courage to tell my story. 


Let your light shine before others - Mathew 5:16 





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