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What do you ask a man with so many stories?

July 11, 2014  •  9 Comments
As I sit here tonight & the response to Jeremiah Brinkley is so overwhelming. I literally figured it was just another one of my silly stories on one of my adventures, and I had no idea  that so many people would view it and let alone enjoy it. So now is the hard part.. He will be leaving Missouri this weekend, and I still have soooo many questions.. So much I want to tell him, and so much more that I want to hear. Luckily, I get the opportunity to meet with him one more time & sit down to chat. 

His words create visions of the sights he's seen, his voice creates an atmosphere of freedom, and his horse create a overwhelming feeling of pure love. So I need your help.. What are some questions you would ask Jeremiah? I'm gonna write these down, and try to get some answered over the weekend & I will post a whole blog interview :)) Let's hear them, what would you ask a man that has been horseback for 25 years & has seen all the sights he has? 





~ Lainey 




Kristine Curtis
Can't wait to hear what happen. I have been thinking of this everyday, since I heard this story!
Joel Hinton
What an amazing thing to be able to do in today's world.
I would like to know which of his 3 horses was his favorite, and what happened to his other horses?
Thank You.
Hope this isn't too late, but I would be interested in the belt buckle and how he acquired it. I used to live in Springfield, MO and have lots of family still there. He looks and sounds like a friendly personable fellow. What a lucky grandson he has. I would also be interested in his family and how he keeps in touch with them. Maybe that's too personal. Hope your time is wonderful.
Thank you friends! I'm on my way to meet with him, and i will try to get these answered shortly.
What does he carry with him in his outfit? A man with so much time in the saddle must have it down to an art. He appears to travel very light for a life on horseback.
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