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Teepee Educational Lessons...

July 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

"Laine, the first lesson to setting up a teepee is...Crack a beer" 

It seems my soul gets lost in the romantic idea of being able to pack a suitcase, and leave within a moments notice. Some might call it living like a gypsy. I like to think of it as freedom. Traveling inspires me. I've been informed I need to invest in a teepee, so I can get the full "authentic" effect of cow camp, and hotels are not so easy to find in a one horse town. So let the lessons begin. 

I was invited out to the ranch to update photography for War Bonnets Brands, and with handmade western jewelry why not take photograph everything it represents, and learn how to set up a teepee in the process? Setting up a teepee was a little overwhelming for this girl, but here goes nothing! 

We drove through the tall grass on a bumpy pasture road, and decided that it was the perfect place to photograph. I was instructed to grab a large sledge hammer out of the back of the pickup, as we'd be needing this to stake down the teepee through the Osage rocks. 

Now ladies keep in mind, I'm out in the middle of a bull pasture with a cowpuncher who doesn't lack a sense of humor, or never misses the opportunity to give me hard time. I knew I couldn't mess up this process, so I was paying close attention to every word Colonel (as we like to call him)  had to say. With a serious look on my face, and my full attention he began the lessons. "Laine, the first step to setting up a teepee is...crack a beer" Oh gosh, here we go with the hard time, as he just began laughing at my expense, and the serious look on my face, ha! 

We unfolded that sucker, and I began using that huge sledge hammer to stake it down, and I didn't even hit my thumb, win! Put up the poles, and Boom! Mobile home complete! I really think it could be homey once you put a bedroll in it. It's spacious, and there's enough space you could actually stand up. The canvas is rain proof, and blocks the wind better than a regular tent. 

As we concluded the photoshoot, and headed back to the house ,Colonel informed me of staying in a teepee for months on end. Cowboys on the wagons can't get far from the herd ,so it's a requirement. His eyes light up every time he talks about being a 2 day drive from the nearest town, and living in a teepee for months in the middle of nowhere. Literally. 

As the world seems to be spinning out of control, and the amount of greed and hate seems to fill the media outlets. I felt my soul refreshed to be out in the middle of the bull pasture, disconnected from every day life, with the crickets chirping, and the sound of a whippoorwill off in the distance. You can "Glam" up those teepee's up a bit right? Turquoise canvas? Ha! 

I think I just found my new weekend retreat. Have teepee, and bedroll. Will travel. 




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