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Day 2... Champagne & Calf Fries

May 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Well, we survived the first day of cow camp...barely. 

As you read in the first blog post, the first day of cow camp was pretty rough on us gals.

If you missed the first post,and want to catch up, here's the link:
Anyway, the second day we rolled down to the wagon in yoga pants, hooded sweat shirts, a large coffee in a to go cup, and our hair in such a fright that it would make a north bound train take a dirt road. We looked rough.  
There's something about being surrounded by a bunch of cowboys that makes you want to try harder to look, and feel like a lady,however.Maybe, it's the fact we knew the cowboys hadn't showered in days, their clothes were still covered in manure, and they definitely smelled like a "man". At this point Beth, had been cooking 3 squares a day for a crew of 20 or so, and that's a whole lot of food to prepare! We deserved to look a little rough at 5:30 a.m. to serve breakfast. It definitely called for yoga pants, hoodies, and hair in a messy pony tail. 
But Beth, and I were worn, and we needed to put on our war paint (makeup) to make us feel a little better. We snuck off to the house after serving lunch thinking we'd have a little time for a 'girl time" You know a hot shower, makeup, and possibly a little siesta for a little beauty sleep before serving dinner on the wagon that night. 
Well, Well, Well, we had just dozed off for a few minutes after our hot showers, when we were awoke to the sound of Beth's husband entering saying "You're teaching my dogs bad tricks by just lying around", of course I giggled, but Beth just shot the look of death his direction. Which then made me giggle a little more. I think poor Colonel could see the look of exhaustion upon our faces, and left the house immediately, or maybe he was scared for his life from that death look, but regardless we were left alone to put on a little makeup, and put on proper clothes for dinner hosting. 
Remember yesterday's post about mimosa's? Well, it just so happens Beth, and I decided to celebrate surviving the first day, and feeling like a lady again, that we decided to take a bottle of champagne to the wagon. Yes, I said Champagne at cow camp. What happens next can't be made up.
We arrived at the wagon to find the boys cleaning "calf fries" aka Rocky Mountain Oysters. Sounds fancy, right? We were told they'd be perfect appetizers to our champagne cocktail hour... 
Well, I'm not so sure at this point if I should giggle about champagne, and calf fries, or just feel lucky they're actually cooking for us! Or maybe, just maybe we looked a lot rougher that morning than we thought, and since our nap was interrupted the beauty sleep didn't help! 
You've got to giggle at a bunch of rough, dirty cowboys sitting around cleaning and cooking calf fries, while 2 girls are KINDA relaxing around camp in clean clothes, feeling like ladies again, and enjoying drinking champagne out of a dixie cup.
I'd like to call day 2 at cow camp a win, I mean who needs a fancy restaurant when you can just bring your own kind of "fancy" to cow camp, ha! 


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