MemoryLaine | Day 1...I don't want to be a cowboy's wife

Day 1...I don't want to be a cowboy's wife

May 18, 2016  •  1 Comment

As I sit here tonight utterly exhausted, I don't really comprehend how cowboys do this days on end. My fingers feel like they're 50 lbs just typing the keys to tell you this little story, with a little dash of humor. We've been up for 17 hours straight. 17 hours, and still going...I mean someone has to do the dishes, right?

As we awoke our sleepy eyes at 5 a.m. to start Breakfast for the cowboys that morning, I was ecstatic to head to camp to capture images of the working cowboy in their "offices" . But, that was also at 5 a.m. Here it is 17 hours later...

After breakfast is cleaned up, you start cooking lunch. A group of hungry cowboys will be expecting a hot meal by noon. Are you kidding? We just got done serving breakfast, and now we have to cook again?!?! 

​And then dinner... I have spent my whole day cooking, and cleaning,and sneaking in a few photos along the way. Am I having fun? Yes, of course, but...

Haven't these cowboys ever heard of catering? Are they not okay with a ham sandwich? Who decides that cow camp entitles everything authentic? What about an old biscuit, and a pot of 3 day old beans? 


​Now it could be pure exhaustion speaking, but as my friend Beth and I were driving back to the ranch house covered in manure, with a horrible smell between us, only to realize that it was us that smelled so bad, our hair a fright, and so dog tired we can barely move, it got us to thinking...

Maybe we're not cut out to be ranch wives. Maybe we like Mimosa's at brunch, and sleeping at the Hilton with really fancy soaps, being able to brush your hair, and smile without the feeling of grit of dust, or better yet, clothes that aren't covered in cow manure.

Then I realized one more thing... I'm not married, and I didn't sign up for this. However my fashionista friend, Beth decided she WAS gonna marry a cowboy, and not just any cowboy. A cowboy who is use to being out on the wagon for weeks on end, and never seeing civilization. 

And on the drive back home to the ranch house Beth simply stated " I don't want to be a cowboy's wife anymore, I like mimosa's, and being able to brush my hair" 

Did I mention it's only day one, and we'll see you in the morning at 5:30 a.m. for breakfast on day two of cow camp 


P.S, This is all in good humor as we're both just so exhausted we have the giggles, and can't help but chanting in our Jerry Seinfeld voice " I don't want to be a cowboy" Ha! 








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