MemoryLaine | Valentine's Day was invented for Ranch Wives..

Valentine's Day was invented for Ranch Wives..

February 08, 2016  •  10 Comments

Is it a coincidence that Valentine's Day falls right in the middle of calving season? I think not. 

 Oh the dreaded Valentine's Day, a day where retailers mark up the price of flowers, chocolate and teddy bears.. plus not to mention how picked over the aisle's are as most males wait until the very last minute to make their purchases before they head home for the evening. I know this, because at one point I worked in a floral shop. It's a look of shear panic across their face! Oh the pressure! 

 As I've traveled to ranches, I was introduced to these very rare gems in which I can personally relate to. They're the backbone of an operation, and their title is "Ranch Wife" . A ranch wife, or girlfriend is a very species. They can go from shoving herself into a pair of Spanxx to fit into the beautiful dress on a Saturday night, to pulling in the driveway to notice a heifer calving, and having to help in her heels..They're the kind of ladies that can get a blood stain out of any kind of fabric, that can whip up a 5 course meal for a bunch of hungry day workers in a moments notice, can back a truck and trailer into a loading ramp, and can hold it all together with grace when the cattle market plummets.

These women truly are a gift from God, as they pour their heart and soul into an operation supporting their husbands. They're classy, elegant, yet tough & supportive. They act like a lady, but can work like a man. They may have painted nails, & lips, but aren't afraid to be the first to help you at 2 a.m. with a downed heifer. 

To all the ranch husbands, I don't think it was a coincidence that Valentine's Day falls right in the middle of calving season. This is one day to remind your wife what a gem she truly is, however you know that this gem of a species doesn't want you to waste  money on overpriced flowers, chocolate, or teddy bears.. 

So I'm here to help all you guys for the pressure of Valentine's day. These rare ladies, deserve a sweet card of appreciation, a gift certificate to get her nails done because she's ruined her fresh manicures so many times by helping you out, and a new hot shot! That old hot shot you have behind the seat of your pickup is junk, and your lady shouldn't have to settle for a junky hot shot! ha!


P.S.- Guys I'm just kidding, take the time to put some thought into a special gesture that truly represents what this woman means to you, these ranch wives truly are the backbone of an operation, and the first to support your dreams. 

xoxox- Lainey 

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Thank you for your sweet, funny, and thoughtful comments! The job of a ranch wife is one that comes from passion, strength, and support. You all are truly the backbone of an operation, and you handle it with grace & lots of humor :)) May you all have a Happy Valentine's Day! - Lainey xoxo
So well said, grew up on a ranch and still live on one where my Husband works. He has always said he would rather have me helping him than most of the Cowboys that he has worked with over the years❤️ Yes we have had our arguments, but been married for 33 years and still love each other deeply! Today, he gave me a card that made me cry a good book to read and new attachments for my dremel ❤️ To those of you reading this, bless you all!
Betty Blanton(non-registered)
I'm not a ranch wife, although we do have a 12 acre mini farm with horses, chickens, and a garden. What I am is a landscaper, and not the kind
to stand aside and tell a crew what to do. I am never happier than when my hands are in the dirt, so my Valentine's gifts are new shovels, a small
chain saw, paving stones, and the best one was a custom made knife from my son in law.
Just Rosy(non-registered)
Ha! I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I'm loving all the comments from my peers. This gem doesn't want dead flowers, either. :)
Tammy J(non-registered)
I thought no one would understand when I got a sawzall
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