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Traveling with a ranch wife...

February 17, 2016  •  1 Comment

I thought they said we were going to an Ag Conference? Did she mean Beauty Pageant? I obviously have never went to "town" with a ranch wife..

I drove down the 4 miles of rough gravel listening to the sound my car makes as it feels like it's about ready to rattle apart towards the ranch. My small duffle bag in the backseat, coffee in my cupholder (about to splatter everywhere), and a smile upon my face as I approach the ranch to meet the girls for our trip to Stillwater for the Agri-Women's Conference at OSU. 

I've traveled more miles than I care to admit, but this would be the first time I've actually traveled with ranch wives to "town" . Keep in mind throughout this blog, that the "town" of Stillwater is approximately only 48,000 people. Relatively small compared to some in my opinion, however to a ranch wife a town this size automatically translates to Las Vegas..

As I pulled into the driveway, I was instantly greeted with a calf in the front yard. This is normal right? The little feller was under the weather, and Beth said 'Don't think anything about the calf in the yard, we had to move him closer to keep him doctored, and an eye on him" I didn't expect him to literally be in the front yard, but there he was saying "hello" ha! 

"Oh, Hello!"

Now this is where I received my education on traveling with a Ranch wife.. Remember, I just packed for 2 days, so we said our hello's and began loading the pickup to head to "Town". I grabbed my purse, threw in my duffle bag (2 days, I need to keep repeating 2 days so you understand it's only 48 hours, and what I just witnessed) I'm just gonna show you a picture of what I witnessed.. See below..

This picture does not do it ALL justice..

Are you in shock yet? This picture doesn't even show my little duffle bag.. This picture just represents stuff from 2 ranch ladies, and this is only for 2 days worth... 2 days.. in 'Town'..A moment of shear panic came across my face, as I thought to myself " Oh no, I didn't pack correctly", or 'I thought we were just going to an Ag Conference', and even the thought of 'Now,what am I gonna wear?' Don't worry they quickly assured me, that if I didn't bring an outfit to wear that they had plenty of extras, and I could pick out one from the 10 extra they packed..ha! 

Then when you go to "Town" you have to make sure your nails are in pristine condition. You can't have nails that look like you've been loading feed, or help haul hay, you have to get pampered when you go to "town" So of course we had to stop by a nail salon! 

If you're not laughing by now, then I've obviously failed at this blog, or you've never traveled with a ranch wife. We all know ranch wives don't get to go to town much, and when they do, they make up for lost time. Time in town obviously means a reason to put on makeup, to wear clothes that aren't covered in cow manure, and boots that aren't covered in mud. The thing about a ranch wife is she is flexible. She can go from your right hand partner, to a beautiful butterfly, but don't expect her to pack light! 

Back to the ranch, and Beth doing morning chores as 'fashionable" as ever! 

P.S Thank you ladies for decking me out in your finest jewelry. Who knew we'd need every accessory for each outfit. Good thing you packed that extra suitcase just for accessories, ha! 




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