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There Ain't No Memories In First Class

January 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

 Remember my friend Amy & I turning our breakfast meeting into a 300+ mile road trip? I promised you a blog post on a special place we visited, but after a little research, I had no idea how really extraordinary this place was! 

It's located on the outskirts of a quiet little town called Carthage, off an out of place back road, you're just driving and all of the sudden you see this little "town", and it's in pristine condition. This isn't your ordinary setting, these buildings have history, and were moved to this location. Lowell Davis is an artist, and the owner of Red Oak II. Red Oak II was brought about when Lowell left the corporate world, and returned home to his home town, only to discover it had become a ghost town. To my understanding he quickly began buying up these old structures, moved them to his current location, and began restoring them to their original condition! 

There's an original General Store where you can purchase some of Lowell Davis artwork (you can also purchase online), that has been restored to original condition. Can you imagine sitting on that porch with a glass of iced tea? 

This Black Smith shop is very sentimental to Lowell Davis because his great grandfather practiced his trade there.

A mechanic's garage, complete with some antique tools 

A Phillips 66 Gas Station  This is where the milk man lives

As you can see from the images above, almost every single detail has been taken care of for a small town. A church, a school house, a carriage shop, a town Marshall, and a few houses thrown in for residence. 


You can find the whole history online at , the website also includes an autobiography book of Lowell Davis titled " There ain't no memories in first class" 

​His character, and artistic ability is dispersed throughout all of Red Oak II. If you're out for a Sunday drive, I highly recommend stopping in! 




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