MemoryLaine | New Year's Resolutions.. to travel more..and.

New Year's Resolutions.. to travel more..and.

January 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My New Years resolution is to travel more, catch up with friends a little more often, and blog about these adventures.. So I better get started since it's already January 3rd, ha! 

A case of cabin fever had hit my friend Amy and I so we decided to grab breakfast & coffee, and catch up.. Did I mention that I'm not a Starbucks kinda girl,and I wanted to take Amy to this neat little place I had found a few months ago..It's called Hangar Kafe, and you can eat your breakfast, and watch skydivers, or the crop dusting airplanes. It's found at the end of a gravel road, in the middle of nowhere. My kind of place!


The natural sunlight from the large windows is very refreshing on a winter's day! 

Breakfast arrived very quickly, and was delicious! Our server was friendly, and the place is spotless! 

Of course the decor is all aviation based, and I couldn't wait to see one of the small planes take off.

It was really windy out today, so the dust was flying once the plane started up. 

After breakfast Amy, and I were still catching up so we decided to turn breakfast into a back road adventure. This really isn't out of the normal for me when I have my camera in hand. 

​I make frequent random stops for old barns. I decided we should head towards the old ghost town of Avilla, Mo. It's located on the old route 66, and I've read some history on how the town use to thrive when tourism was in full swing. 

​Old route 66 never disappoints for photo opportunities! 

When you haven't seen you friends for awhile, you just go ahead and decide to make a day of it, ha! Why not? The weather was beautiful, our bellies were full, and we had nothing but the open road ahead. Which lead us into the town of Carthage. 

When route 66 was thriving you could find these old road side motels with their distinctive neon lights lined up along the whole route. Today most of them sit in ruins or very poor condition since the new interstates have been put in. The character & charm of these motels were very unique, and it's sad they've just let them all go. 


We visited one more place today, but that will be in a blog post all in it's own. I hoped you enjoyed our Sunday back road travels, and plan a trip to the Hangar Kafe, or down the historic Route 66 in your near future! It's worth the trip! 


Two friends with the thirst for wanderlust, out on a Sunday afternoon drive is just what I needed today! 




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