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The day I became a Unicorn...

December 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

" I'll get the gate" he said, as I just sat in the pickup like a Unicorn and a smart smirk upon my face... (giggle, giggle)



It seems we've all survived and enjoyed our holidays with the family. I figured after being around your distant relatives you could use a little extra humor in your life. ha!  It was a blistery cold morning, and I was to meet the two cowboys at the ranch house at the first break of day, now if you can imagine what a marshmallow looks like with two legs, and two arms then you have a visual of what I looked like on this morning. We had the trailers hooked up, and after loading the dogs,and horses we were to head out to the pasture to doctor sick cattle.

I hopped in the pickup in the back seat with all of my camera gear. Now ladies, if you can imagine riding down a gravel road in a pickup with a couple of cowboys on a blistery cold morning, you can visualize that they were feeling their oats. The sarcasm and wit was a flying, and I had to bring my A game to keep up! We pulled up to the gate, and they instantly just chuckled. They were smart. They had brought an automatic gate opener. In other words, I WAS the gate opener. But to my surprise one of them jumped out, and away we went. I was still kinda in shock.

We got the cattle all doctored, and were finishing up for the day and as we hopped back in the pickup I began to ponder why I didn't really have to get the gate. Now don't get me wrong these guys are first class gentlemen, but they also never miss a beat to give me a hard time, so the only conclusion I can come up with is that I'm a Unicorn! haha! 

So this blog is really for all of those city girls that might need a little help in the ranch education department. Make sure you always sit in the middle of the pickup, or in my case the back seat with child safety locks on, and you sit there like the Unicorn you are!  Haha! 

Haha, you guys know I'm kidding. I always try to help out wherever I can, but it's fun to give them a hard time right back, or life would be pretty dull. I hope when you're both so old sitting in your rocking chairs that you look at the images I took of this day, and you laugh at the good times that were made. Thank you for allowing the "Tourist" to tag along, and a special thanks for getting the gate! I'm totally spoiled now! 



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