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Ballcaps vs. Cowboy Hats

January 27, 2016  •  15 Comments

As you've all heard the old saying 'Don't judge a book by it's cover" I've discovered the same still holds true in all aspects in this walk of life. I've traveled to ranches, and pulled into the pens to see a 50/50 ratio of guys in ball caps to cowboy hats. Does this make them less of a cowboy? Does this make them less talented with a rope? Does this make them less of a horseman? Absolutely not. However, it seems my camera is always drawn to the guys in cowboy hats. It's represents a little about their character. The hats with the sweat marks from their brow, the ones covered in dust, the ones that have been weathered, the ones that have been worn through it all day in, and day out. Each hat is shaped differently, to represent a little about the person wearing it. It's their story that they wear upon their head. Each one is unique just like the cowboy wearing it. 

This is not to misunderstood with the guys that "go to town" and only wear their hat to impress the ladies. This is a different type. The guys/gals I photograph represent a lifestyle of respect, integrity, and morals. They don't wear their worn hats to impress anyone, this is a part of who they are. This is their life. They represent a lifestyle that is put under attack every single day, and they wear them with pride. 

I just wanted to write a simple blog to the folks I may have photographed, or will in the future, and say that I'm sorry if I don't capture many images of you in your ball cap. Please don't take it personal. My camera is always drawn to the grit, the character, and the stories you wear upon your head in the shape of a felt or straw. 

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Bryon Lozier(non-registered)
I couldn't agree with you more
I've been sporting a cowboy hat since I was one. I kept most of them and my kids and my ex wives. I hang them on the barn walls so I can look at them and tell stories of I remember when I was wearing that one. Will always were one.
Dean Wegner(non-registered)
I wear cowboy hats because I like them ,I lived on a farm in Iowa and now live in Phoenix AZ. and am a mechanic so I guess I am not a cowboy but I relly don't care what people think they should look in the mirror at what they wear before criticizing.
I'm from the UK but I wear my Stetson a darn site more often than I ever wear a baseball cap! I may not have been born in Texas but I got there as fast as I could!
Eddy Luna(non-registered)
I almost always wear a ball cap, much less expensive to replace. Leave the stetson at home. Shoot even a straw hat can run up a small bill.
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