Scott Moorehouse(non-registered)
I enjoy Looking at good pictures and a listening to a good story. You have both. I like to share pictures, make people smile or take them back in time so I appreciate your effort. I agree that horses saddled or harnessed, cattle being cattle or a good stock dog is good medicine.
Tracey Lambert(non-registered)
I so love your work, spirit and heart!
Thanks for documenting the cowboy way
Denny Bertrand(non-registered)
Hi Laine, yep you guessed it I need another photo cover. Your pics are the best
You're amazing at what you do Lainey! Thank you for capturing life, real life! Love your work!
Kevin Conger KC Graphics(non-registered)

Great work. You have truly grasp the western heritage and lifestyle with your photographs.
Rosen Rennie(non-registered)
I enjoy your photography and ramblings. Thanks for reminding us of the beauty we so easily take for granted.
Rebecca Moran(non-registered)
So inspired by your work and story. I'm relatively new to photography but I have found that my passion too lies in capturing candid moments of the ranch/farm way of life. It's a respect of this lifestyle that comes from my childhood. Keep doing what you're doing because it's a story that needs to be told and you tell it well!
Kathleen Wilson
I recently moved to Polk County from Southern Oregon. I wish to connect with cowboy culture here. I found Laines cars on the Bulletin board at the Springfield Livestock Auction Center. I hope to learn more about the good times going on around here. I sure do enjoy Laines photographs.
Burke E. DeGroff(non-registered)
Love your pics. Hard to find people anymore that have the eye for catching a perfect thrown loop, or a horse moving just right. Keep up the good work. Beauty in every shot.
Jeff Tucker(non-registered)
Nice work, glad our paths have crossed, in my experience this is never an 'accident'.
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