Those Old Rodeo Photos...

June 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Here's a subject that I've tried to wrap my brain around lately. I've taken thousands of images from bronc rides, to pasture roping, to ranch rodeos, and after the lights dim, and you're on your way to the next event it seems the image becomes forgotten. 

IMG_7438IMG_7438 You travel hundreds of miles to get there, pay a small fortune for entry fees, and after the crowd quits cheering, and the event comes to an end you wait for your images to show up on Facebook. Now social media is a great thing! It's allowed me to make friends all over the world, however once an image is put up and your friends comment  " Nice job buddy", or " Good ride" it seems that moment is forgotten after a few short hours. 


The "Glory Days" of your roping, or bronc busting career will come to an end. Social media may not be around when we're all in the nursing home telling these epic stories of that wooly bronc, or the steer that had a perfect hop to win you that large check. My point is this, if you don't have these stories in print how can you pass them down to the younger generation? I know I personally love old photos. I've collected a few over the years from when my Grandpa was an ol' horse trader, and they're some of my most treasured processions.

I know we're all a little young to be thinking of the nursing home, but are you really going to be able to show your friends on Facebook in 100 years from now? A professional print is guaranteed to last 100+ years... Can you really put a value on a moment when it becomes a memory? 


Print your photos, buy prints from small artist. They cost less than dinner on the way home, and I guarantee you'll remember them far longer than you remember what you even ordered. 


- Lainey xoxox 




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